Blood Donation at the Bali Dynasty Resort

by Igo Kleden

South Kuta (Paradiso) – Bali Dynasty Resort organised a Blood Donation Event on Thursday, 27th February 2020 in the Kertagosa Meeting Room. It was attended by staff members as part of a regular initiative held by the resort in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross. All blood collected will be stored in the regional blood bank at Sanglah Hospital to be distributed to the needy. In addition to the blood donation, there was also a free mini-medical check-upf or participant to have their blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol levels tested.

Ramasari, Human Resources Manager of Bali Dynasty Resort stated, “This blood donation activity is just one of many initiatives that enables us to give back to the local community. Through this program, we’d like to emphasise the importance of donating blood to ensure that our medical system has a sufficient supply.”

Donating blood is one of the Bali Dynasty Resort’s annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) events and we have a total of a hundred employees who are registered as blood donors. The resort is also committed to helping disadvantaged people in Bali through its “Help Friends for Life” Programme in conjunction with Solemen Indonesia. Launched in early 2016, this charity effort has been positively receivedby the resort’s guests who are attracted to the personal nature of each case and the feeling that they really are “making a difference”. Since then, the resort has successfully helped individuals to overcome their difficulties by donating much needed items such as prosthetic legs, wheelchairs, mattresses, medicines as well as funding for their medical diagnoses and more.

A recent project on the agenda with Solemen was the 27th Back Bali Dynasty Party in Perth, Western Australia. This year’s party was epic with a record-breaking attendance of more than 200 loyal guests. Bali Dynasty Resort was able to raise thousands of dollars through an auction and the sale of raffle tickets. There were some great prizes on offer, including return flights for two people to Bali sponsored by AirAsia, hotel accommodation vouchers, entry tickets to various Bali activities, and much more. All proceeds will be directed to Bali Dynasty’s Charity Account in an effort to alleviate the suffering of individuals in Bali through a collaborative partnership between the resort and Solemen Indonesia.(*)

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