LINEN FOR LIFE – Turning Unused Pillow Cases Into Masks

by Igo Kleden

BALI  – Meliá Bali has been committed to its sustainability efforts and has continued to do so, especially in this challenging time. We have given 250 pieces of our unused pillow cases to BaliLife Foundation at TPA Suwung, with the assistance from Diversey to deliver them. The women community in this area will turn the unused pillow cases into masks, which would be donated to the villagers and truck drivers. On top of that, we have also turned 300 masks from other unused materials, tailored by our own team at Housekeeping Department, which have been distributed mostly to communities around us including to people at Bualu area and some to our team members.

Previously, we have a similar project called Soap for Hope. In continuation of that project, we would like to present Linen for Life. Meliá Bali is the first Meliá hotel globally to launch this program. Through our contributions, we hope that we will be able to help uplift the more unfortunate communities and give them constant supports in any way we can. We believe all contributions matter, no matter how simple or complicated it may appear. With this, we will keep our prayers to those who are impacted and wish the situation will go back to normal sooner than later. Let us continue to spread positivity and hope for everyone, be it through linen, soap, or good wishes.

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