First Day Opened for Wisdom, Bali Welcomes 400 More Domestic Tourists

by Igo Kleden

DENPASAR – The Declaration of the Opening of the New Era of Bali Life Order was held on Thursday night (7/30/2020) on the Peninsula Island of Nusa Dua. On Friday (7/31/2020) at 10.45 WITA, Bali tourism was immediately flooded with domestic tourists. Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Arta Ardhana Sukawati immediately welcomed the arrival of domestic tourists, at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, Friday (7/31/2020).

Around 400 passengers were welcomed at the entrance to the arrival hall. In the remarks, Deputy Governor Cok Ace was accompanied by all relevant parties including the General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura Ngurah Rai Herry Y. Sikado and several other stakeholders. Passengers who will enter the entrance exit are surrounded by flowers as a sign that they are the first domestic tourists to enter Bali after being declared in Nusa Dua the night before. Besides being covered with flowers, the passengers were also distributed free masks and handsanitizers to clean their hands.

PT Angkasa Pura Public Relations Ngurah Rai Anandina Megasari explained, in fact what was welcomed were passengers from various airlines who arrived in Bali from 08.00 to 10:00 WITA. But for the formal ceremonial by Deputy Governor Cok Ace is the reception of the arrival of 84 domestic tourists who are passengers of the GA 402 flight from Jakarta was marked by giving flowers and greetings by Vice Governor Cok Ace. “This is a symbol to initiate the arrival of domestic tourists to Bali after so long being closed,” he said.

Deputy Governor Cok said that this ceremonial event was an expression of appreciation to travelers who arrived on the day that Bali was officially opened for domestic tourists. Citing information from the airport authorities, the last few days there has been an increase in flight intensity. “Previously it had dropped, even once only 5 flights a day. But the last few days continue to grow. Yesterday 67 and today there are 60 flights scheduled, “he said. He argues, stretching flights that began to occur at the entrance of the air lane is a good start for the rise of tourism that collapsed in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the beginning of the opening of Bali for Wisdom, Cok Ace has not set a target number of tourist visits. “Our target number is to ignore first. What is clear, at the beginning of the opening of the entrance of Bali for domestic tourists, we will first monitor and evaluate, “he added.

In this phase, he will try to instill tourists’ trust in Bali as a comfortable and safe destination. “We expect a lot of advice and input from tourists who visit. That is what we will make the basis for continuing improvement, “he added.

In another part, the Puri Ubud reveler also mentioned the importance of applying health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which until now has not found a cure and vaccine. He hopes that health will remain a concern in line with efforts to revive the economic sector. “I observe, health procedures have been met by passengers who get off at Ngurah Rai Airport. We also have a village-based task force that is expected to provide information faster when something happens on the ground, “he explained.

Cok Ace added, the application of fairly strict procedures at the entrance and the seriousness shown by the Balinese people in handling Covid-19 became part of efforts to instill confidence and build tourist confidence. He then compared the situation after the bomb terror, in which vital objects, including tourist attractions, were heavily guarded by the police and army.

“If there had been terror before, tourists would have been uncomfortable and afraid of the tight security of the security forces. But after terror, it actually gives a sense of security. Just like now, by applying a pretty strict entry procedure, psychologically it will give a sense of comfort, “he explained. In addition to providing a sense of security and comfort for tourists, the inspection procedures imposed at the entrance of Bali also aim to protect the Balinese people. “So both of them got hit, our citizens are protected. Tourists also feel safe visiting, “he concluded.

Editor – Axelle Dae

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