The Bali Provincial Office of Tourism Starts to Apply Online Verification

by Igo Kleden

DENPASAR – September is getting closer. Steps to prepare for the opening of international tourism continue to be prepared.

The Bali Provincial Office of Tourism intensively ensures readiness to face the new era of Balinese life arrangements to welcome the opening of international tourism by conducting a verification process of the tourism industry. A number of sectors that are under the authority of the Bali Provincial Office of Tourism, such as accommodation, marine tourism, transportation and MICE industry, continue to be encouraged to prepare themselves after the opening of Bali tourism for domestic tourists some time ago.

This effort received a positive response from the tourism industry as evidenced by the enthusiasm of the verification request submitted by the tourism industry. To accommodate this, Bali Provincial Office of Tourism of the Tourism join with Association in Bali who was also a member of the verification team agreed to carry out an online verification process.

This was revealed when the Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office Putu Astawa when holding a meeting with the Team for the Verification of the New Era of Life Order Protocol in Tourism in the Soka meeting room, The Bali Provincial Office of Tourism, Niti Mandala, Denpasar on Tuesday (4/8).

Astawa ensured that even though the verification was done online, in terms of quality it must still be accountable because the tourism industry as an applicant had conducted a self-assessment in order to measure its readiness before being verified by the Verification Team.

Online certification efforts are also expected to be more efficient and effective considering the location of the tourism industry is not all affordable by verifiers who go to the field in limited numbers.

“We hope that ahead of the opening of tourism for foreign tourists more and more of our tourism industry is ready. This certificate of readiness will become a soft selling for Bali’s tourism industry to gain trust from the international world, “Astawa said.

Technically the verification process will use the google docs application, beginning with tourism actors preparing evidence documents in accordance with the list of identification documents sent before the remote verification is carried out. Next they sent proof documents which were carried out before the remote verification.

Representatives of tourism actors appoint person in charge at each department to record directly the locations requested to be shown to verifiers when remote verification is carried out.

Yoga Iswara as the Head of the Verification Team who was present at the meeting hoped that this verification effort could be a starting point for tourism industry entrepreneurs to start preparing requirements both administratively and in accordance with the protocol of the new era of Balinese life.

“This is a good momentum to make Bali tourism more qualified,” he concluded. *

Editor – Igo Kleden

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