Vice Governor Cok Ace: Bali Tourism will be Opened Gradually for Certain Regions

by Igo Kleden

DENPASAR – Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati emphasized that post-Covid-19 Bali tourism will be opened in a limited and gradual manner. “Not all areas will be opened, only those that have properly implemented the health protocols that we open, and even then with certification from the local government,” said the Deputy Governor when receiving the ranks of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) and the Indonesia National Air Carrier Association (INACA). ) in the Praja Sabha Meeting Room, Office of the Deputy Governor of Bali, Denpasar on Thursday (6/8/2020) afternoon.

The Provincial Government of Bali itself, according to the Deputy Governor, has issued health guidelines in 14 sectors. This guide is also added with specific provisions in the tourism sector through their respective SOPs. “We are quite proud, friends of tourism actors who are not ready to honestly state that they are not ready yet. The involvement of the community is still disciplined until now, where the traditional village even makes its own sanctions related to health protocols, ”explained this official of Puri Ubud.

The implementation of the health protocol SOP according to the Deputy Governor is something that will be put forward in the ‘promotion’ of Bali, especially after the opening of the doors for domestic tourists on July 30, 2020 and ahead of the opening for foreign tourists in the middle of 11 September.

“In addition to health protocols, for hotel employees, for example, we carry out regular covid tests. Hopefully there are no obstacles so that on September 11, the door of tourists to Bali can be opened, besides of course waiting for regulations from the central government and other countries for opening flights, “continued the man who is familiarly called Cok Ace.

In a virtual poll through webinars, Deputy Governor Cok Ace also said that potential tourists from various countries showed high enthusiasm for visiting Bali, even reaching 80 percent.

He was also grateful that the spread of covid 19 in Bali was not as severe as other regions in Indonesia. “The statistics for the last 2 weeks, the cure rate is almost 87 percent, while the death rate is only 1 percent. It also means that the graph of our recovery in Bali is in the recovery phase, where there are far more people who have recovered, “he explained.

On the same occasion, PHRI Central Chairperson Hariyadi Sukamdani said the current moment was the start of a healthy traveling campaign to support the opening of Bali. “This campaign we are doing for the first time in Bali. However, this should also not be a discourse on massively inviting people to start traveling, but on a discourse as healthy traveling, according to health protocols as a ‘product’ to be sold. The trend that is starting to rise is a campaign and an attractive package for the community, ”said Hariyadi.

Meanwhile, INACA Chairman Denon Wiraatmadja asked the media to help filter hoax news about Covid 19 to avoid the failure of joint efforts to recover. “We will create a more concrete program to regain confidence in the safety of our air or aviation transportation,” he concluded.***

Editor – Igo Kleden

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