Bali Hotels Association Launches the Next Stageof Social Media Campaign with a Series of Videos

by Igo Kleden


DENPASAR –Today, Bali Hotels Association is launching “Bali, A New Kind Of Adventure”, a series of six, one-minute videos to support Bali and showcase Bali under the new health protocols.

This latest campaign follows hot on the heels of the previous Bali Hotels Association Campaign, 60 Days of Virtual Bali, thatshowed Bali moving through the different stages of letting visitors know, it was not possible to travel to the island, through to getting prepared and starting to welcome visitors back.

This latest campaign video series follows a couple’s daily adventures in Bali over a series of six days. Each video provides links to information on the Bali Hotels Association website where viewers can gain access to the latest information provided by international organizations such as WHO and UNWTO as well as Indonesian Government sites.

The information provided covers travel restrictions, public health and safety measures such as physical distancing, wearing of facemasks, and other useful information that will allow visitors to Bali to make responsible and well-informed decisions on how to minimize risks related to Coronavirus while planning their holiday and travels.The key message is for travelers to enjoy Bali, travel responsibly and take in the Balinese culture and hospitality on each day of their adventures, in a way that will emotionally resonate with them.

Bali Hotels Association also wants to show that Balioffers more than just the parties and late nights, as there are also uniquely beautiful parts of the island that the couple captures while experiencing this new kind of adventure.

Chairman –Mr Ricky Putrafrom Bali Hotels Association, said “We draw inspiration from Bali’s vast and rich cultural heritage which is one of our major assets. We continue to carry the message of “Bali Is My Life” as visitors can start exploring Bali again under the new health and hygiene protocols”.

These videos bring the message of hope and are uplifting and real. “We hope to inspire travelers and bring a perspective of what to expect when they next visit our island. We want to inspire them and show that they can relax and betaken care of in our world-class hotels and resorts with Balinese hospitality while implementing protocols related to hygiene, health, mask-wearing and physical distancing.

“The participation and public awareness and cooperation process surrounding the Indonesian Government Program: Clean, Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE) protocols by our members and the general community continue to be the message we are sending out,” he added.
Over 78 of our Bali Hotels Association Members have now completed the Government mandated CHSE certification. Bali Hotels Association also created Safety Guidelinesfor Membersand Duty of Care Standardsfor Travel Partners which created a standardized health and safety checklist. These guidelines are part of a worldwide industry-enhanced set of health and safety protocols designed to provide a safe and clean environment for all hotel guests and employees.Included in those guidelines are: wearing of face masks/face shields in indoor public spaces and the practice of physical distancing in all common areas, the introduction of contactless options, where available, including reservations, check-ins, payments and enhanced hygiene protocols such as temperature checks, hand sanitizing stations and contact tracing.
Executive Director of BHA, Diah Ajung, added: “We are all in this together, as Bali has started warmly welcoming back visitors from Indonesia, as well as business and social visa holders. Our international visitors will need to wait until the Indonesian Government allows for tourist visas to become available again. The Bali Hotels Association www.balihotelsassociationwebsite offers information on “ Know Before You Go”, “ How To Travel Responsibly“and, news updates from all official Government sites.Just like when Bali Hotels Association produced their internationally acclaimed “Bali Is My Life” campaign, we did not want to get caught up in viewing the Bali brand as it’s always been seen. We wanted to create a story.
We have also done this again as Bali Is My Life by Bali Hotels Association brings a new kind of adventure where visitors can still connect with Bali while they travel with all the health protocols in place.“The videos will appeal to returning visitor, who has previously connected with the island and the people and created wonderful memories along the way or, they are first-time visitors with Bali on the top of their travel wish list as a result of images seen and the stories heard.
“Whether singles, couples, friends or families we want everyone to know Bali has what they are looking for. The people of Bali continue to invite visitors to experience the pleasures of their Island. For anyone who has had travel on pause, we invite them now to press play,stay inspired and visit Bali, for a new kind of adventure,” she addedThe videos in this series will be released on our social media channels “ Bali Is My Life” one by one, over 18 days starting today.


Bali Hotels Association continues to ensure its 157 member hotels and resorts are kept informed and are supporting the Indonesian Government policies as well as local government initiatives in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. ***
Editor  – Igo Kleden

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