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JAKARTA – ARTOTEL Group received the “Traveler’s Choice Award 2021” award from TRIPADVISOR given to seven hotels managed by the ARTOTEL Group.

Traveler’s Choice Award 2021 is an award from TRIPADVISOR given to hotels that consistently provide fantastic experiences to travelers around the world and get positive reviews and ratings over the past year. This year ARTOTEL Group won this award for its 7 properties consisting of ARTOTEL Thamrin – Jakarta, De Braga by ARTOTEL – Bandung, ARTOTEL Yogyakarta, ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, Goodrich Suites, ARTOTEL Portfolio – Jakarta, ARTOTEL Gajahmada – Semarang, and Rooms Inc Semarang.

Yulia Maria, Director of Communications and Marketing of ARTOTEL Group added “We are very proud to have won this award and we dedicate this award to the hotel staff who remain passionate and consistent in providing the best service to our guests despite Indonesia’s tourism conditions experiencing a very difficult time due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Their consistency to serve guests with their best smiles over the past year is not in vain. We hope this award can also inspire other hotels under ARTOTEL Group that has not yet won the award to improve their best service to the guests. In addition, we also thank our guests who are very loyal to stay and visit our hotels and give a positive review or rating.”

About the ARTOTEL Group

Is an Indonesian hotel operator management that integrates 4 business units, Hotels (Stay), Food & Beverages (Dine), Event Management (Play), & Curated Merchandise (Shop). By carrying out the concept of the Lifestyle brand, ARTOTEL Group offers a wide selection of brands in the hotel industry from budget hotels, boutiques, to luxury hotels to meet the accommodation needs of all target markets, consisting of BOBOTEL, ROOMS INC, ARTOTEL, ARTOTEL CURATED, ARTOTEL PORTFOLIO, ARTOTEL CASA, ARTOTEL VILLA, & ARTOTEL SUITES. In the Food & Beverage sector, ARTOTEL Group provides restaurant, bar and beach club management services.

Through Event Management, ARTOTEL Play and Curated Merchandise with the MART brand, ARTOTEL Group has a vision of advancing the Indonesian creative industry by supporting young artists to work through collaborations that are created in the form of exhibitions, performances, workshops, and the production of merchandise with artistic characters that can be used daily. at affordable prices.

Property: ARTOTEL Surabaya, Thamrin – Jakarta, Wahid Hasyim – Jakarta, Sanur – Bali, Yogyakarta, Gajahmada – Semarang & Haniman – Ubud. ARTOTEL CURATED: de Braga by ARTOTEL – Bandung, Alpines by ARTOTEL – Batu. ARTOTEL Portfolio: Goodrich Suites – Jakarta. ROOMS INC .: Semarang. BOBOTEL: Gatot Subroto – Medan. F&B Outlets: DOUBLECHIN, BANG BANG, LOCAL TONGUE, ROCA, BART, ARTOTEL BEACH CLUB (ABC), BISTRO DE BRAGA, B10 CAFÉ, FAT ELEPHANT, 11/12 ROOFTOP BAR, SANGKAR, OUT OF THE BLUE, SIXTY, RHYTHM ROOM.

Pipeline: ARTOTEL: Setiabudi – Jakarta, ARTOTEL CASA: Kuningan – Jakarta. ARTOTEL Curated: The Reiz Suites – Medan. ARTOTEL Porfolio: Huni Huna – Nusa penida.***

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