SOL by Melia Benoa Already Using LNG

by Editor

BALI  – The use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as good energy for the hotel industry in Bali is expanding. Thursday (15/09), this time PT Pertagas Niaga as part of the Pertamina Gas Subholding distributed LNG for the SOL by Melia Hotel in Benoa, Bali which this time was packaged in micro bulk. This is the second hotel in Bali that now uses LNG after previously being preceded by the Conrad Hotel, Benoa in July 2022. The LNG in SOL by Melia will later be used as fuel for kitchen needs and water heating boilers and laundry up to 6,000 m3/month.

PT Pertagas Niaga (PTGN) cooperates with PT Laras Ngarso Gede (Laras Energy) in the marketing, transportation and operation of LNG distribution for the hotel industry in Bali. Under the auspices of PT National Energy Solutions (NES), Laras Energy has collaborated with PTGN since 2017 to distribute LNG in the Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar and Samarinda areas.

The hospitality industry in Bali welcomes LNG as a smart alternative and as a contribution to environmental conservation. More hotels will shift in the coming months, due to the multiple benefits that come from using LNG.
LNG is one of the best options for industries that prioritize the use of clean energy and the practicality factor because the content of LNG is 1/600 natural gas at standard temperature and pressure. “Subholding Gas controls the LNG supply chain from upstream to downstream, so that LNG supply security is guaranteed,” said President Director of PT Pertamina Gas as the parent company of PT Pertagas Niaga, Gamal Imam Santoso.

Meanwhile, SOL by Melia also said that the use of LNG is a form of the hotel’s serious commitment to supporting environmental sustainability by utilizing clean energy. “We are looking at the better quality of LNG. We can’t wait for all SOL by Melia in Bali to immediately switch to using LNG,” said the owner of SOL by Melia, Agus Antaras Mauro.

Especially for the hotel, restaurant and café industry in Bali, PTGN is optimistic that it will be able to supply gas in the form of CNG and LNG in the amount of 12,000 MMBTU per month which is supplied from gas from East Java and Kalimantan. This volume is predicted to increase significantly with awareness of using more environmentally friendly energy. CNG and LNG are distributed by Pertamina Gas Subholding as an alternative for consumers whose areas have not been connected to a gas pipeline network.***go

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