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Experience Nyepi Day at Bali Dynasty Resort

KUTA – Have you ever wondered what Nyepi (Day of Silence) is like on the island of Bali? Look no further than Bali Dynasty Resort for a peaceful escape that will allow you to truly unwind and recharge.

Nyepi Day, or the Balinese Day of Silence is a wonderful time to be in Bali. It’s your chance to experience a one-of-a-kind celebration that is unique only to Bali. Nyepi marks the start of the Hindu New Year and it is when the entire island completely shuts down for 24 hours leaving it in darkness once the sun has gone down.This year, it will be observed from 25 March 2020 at 6am until 26 March 2020 at 6am.

Ceremonies begin days before hand, when holy effigies from temples are taken to water sources to be cleansed as part of a symbolic ritual known as Melasti. On the eve of Nyepi, there will be a mass purification ceremony, which will take place in all villages across the island. This event is also more popularly known as the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade or the Monster Parade. It is perhaps the most exciting thing about Nyepi. While it holds significant spiritual value, the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade is a festive event, very much like an outdoor street party. This is something that you really don’t want to miss – giant demon effigies with bulging eyes made of bamboo, papier-mâché and cloth are carried through the streets in torch-lit parades.The main purpose of the ogoh-ogoh is to be wilder any evil spirits lurking around Bali by inciting them to flee and cease harming human beings.

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