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Sluggish Hotel Business, Minus PLN Bali Sales

DENPASAR – General Manager of PLN Bali Distribution Main Unit, Adi Priyanto, said that the Covid19 pandemic had a huge impact on PLN sales in the Bali Distribution Main Unit. Once hotels and tourism businesses in Bali are disrupted, electricity sales in Bali will also be disrupted. “Usage in Bali has dropped dramatically. This is because 40% of PLN Bali’s income comes from the hotel and tourism business. Once the hotel is disrupted, tourism is disrupted, then PLN sales will automatically be disrupted, ”he said in Denpasar, Monday (10/8). He admitted that PLN’s biggest sales in Bali were in hotels and other tourism businesses. The rest are scattered in several other sectors such as households, industry, government and so on.

According to him, for 2020, PLN Bali sales will continue to decline along with the outbreak of the Covid19 Pandemic. When compared with the same period from the previous year, PLN Bali sales continued to decline drastically. In January 2020, sales were still up by 13.25% when compared to the same period the previous year. Then in February 2020, even though the trend was down, it was still plus 9.11%, in March it was still 2.03%.

Meanwhile, from April to July 2020, PLN Bali sales continued to vary by -17% to -20%. The lowest occurred in May 2020 where when compared to the previous year’s sales, it fell by -20.51%. This condition can be seen from the use of peak loads. If in normal conditions the peak load in Bali reaches 980MW, during the Covid19 Pandemic, the peak load drops to 600MW. This means that 380MW is still unused during peak loads. “We predict this condition will occur until December 2020, even though the upward trend is very slow,” he said.

Even though the sales trend to hotels continues to decline, the trend for household consumption is increasing. Even until July 2020, household consumption has increased by 5.61% when compared to the same period the previous year.

However, the increase in household consumption did not match the decline in sales in the hotel and other tourism businesses. For Bali’s electrification ratio, it has reached 100% in 2018. PLN Bali Distribution Main Unit also expressed its high appreciation to the Bali Provincial Government, which with its policy has reopened domestic tourism and soon for foreign tourists. Hopefully Bali’s economic condition will quickly recover and Bali’s electricity sales will return to normal. ***

Editor – Igo Kleden