PENA NTT Bali Together with PT. Indojet, Distributing Groceries to Denpasar City Sanitation Officers and Flobamora Residents

by Igo Kleden

DENPASAR – – A day after entering the management transition period, PENA NTT continues to be active. Transition management is not a reason not to be active, instead a commitment to continue working and help others in need.

It was Sunday (6/21/2020), the NTT Bali Journalists Association (PENA) distributed food packages to dozens of Denpasar City janitors at the Bali Ombudsman Office. The delivery of food packages was carried out directly by the PENA NTT Bali elders including Emanuel Dewata Oja (Chairperson of the Siber Indonesia Bali Media Union), Umar Ibnu Alkhatab (Head of the Indonesian Ombudsman Representative of Bali), Stefanus Gandi (Director of PT Indojet Sarana Aviasi), Pieter Sahertian (Senior Journalist of Media Indonesia) and witnessed by a number of others PENA NTT members.

According to Emanuel Dewata Oja, PENA NTT Bali is a collection of journalists from NTT who work in various media in Bali. In the midst of the Corona Pandemic at this time, a lot of people both individuals have an impact. In the midst of the crisis, PENA NTT was present to provide food packages for residents with an impact. “As a member of PENA NTT, we have a concern for residents who have an impact. Today we give food packages to cleaners from Denpasar City who have been working around the Kreneng area to GOR Lila Bhuana. Incidentally PENA NTT received a basic food donation from PT Indojet Sarana Aviasi.

In addition to dozens of cleaners in Denpasar, PENA NTT together with PT Indojet Sarana Aviasi also provided food packages to residents from NTT or other FLobamora. The amount is around 60 people. All of them are students, there are families who previously worked but lost their income because of Covid19. They are a scattered group, which has not been accommodated either in each ethnic community or in the Bali Flobamora IKB. “What is not reached by the large community, we are accommodating through PENA NTT,” he said.

While Director of PT Indojet Sarana Aviasi, Stefanus Gandi said, his party has a moral responsibility towards all citizens who impact Covid19. He requested that this humanitarian assistance not become a polemic in the community. “We help many people through people or groups who have networks. And we believe that PENA NTT has a very trusted network, “he said. This time PT Indojet Sarana provided assistance to anyone in need because Covid19 lost his job and income. * Go

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