PENA NTT-BALI Held its First Working Meeting at Villa Puri Beji Badung

by Igo Kleden

BALI – The management of the NTT Journalists Association (PENA NTT) Bali for the 2020-2023 period held an inaugural working meeting (Raker) at Villa Puri Beji, Penarungan Village, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency, Bali, Saturday (8/8/2020) .

Apart from being attended by the core board, the meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Umar Ibnu Alkhatab along with the ranks, including Pieter Sah Understanding, Simon Sanur Ryko, Gregorius Rusmanda and other honorary members. It is called the inaugural Raker because since PENA NTT was formed and has AD / ART for the first time it has held a Raker to formulate various programs and activities.

The Chairperson of the NTT PENA for the period 2020-2023, Ignasius Igo Kleden, conveyed several things related to the focus of discussing work programs. He conveyed 4 important points that were discussed, namely the formation of the PENA LBH, the establishment of the PENA Institute, the management of legal entities in the form of the PENA establishment deed, organizational funding, implementing UKW for members.

Puri Beji Villa, Penarungan Village, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency, Bali

“I hope that the results of this work meeting will be followed up by the respective divisions in charge of it. This is important for us to pay attention to so that what we are discussing can be done. So it is hoped that the NTT PENA professional organization can be useful for members and society, “said the man who is familiarly called Igo.

Before conducting an in-depth discussion, first a discussion was held in each division, such as the social resources division, the legal and advocacy division, and the studies and human resources division. The results of the discussions of each division were subsequently demonstrated in open and democratic meetings.

From there the work program of each division that was agreed upon by the forum emerged. The work programs of each division set by the forum are the first, the social division formulates two major programs, namely routine activities and superior activities. Routine activities include arisan, social donations, and incidental donations, building inter-institutional relationships for various productive activities.

Furthermore, the work program of the legal and advocacy division has three major programs that have broad descriptions. The three programs, namely making the notary deed of the establishment of PENA in NTT, the establishment of LBH PENA, and paralegal training for all young generations and students who are interested, especially from the legal field. The study and human resources division also designed two work programs which are also broadly elaborated. The first two work programs are priorities for the establishment of the PENA Institute. At PENA the Institute also makes visionary studies. Follow-up activities are creating training curricula, literacy and journalistic training, holding discussions on actual themes. Second, holding a UKW for NTT PENA members by collaborating with PWI BALI, AJI Denpasar and London School Bali as a testing agency recognized by the Press Council.

The working meeting which lasted until 16.00 WITA ended with the reading of a decree by the Secretary of PENA NTT Bali, Arnoldus Dhae. In letter number 02 / SK / PENA NTT / II / 2020 decides the work program design for the management in each of these divisions to run.

Editor – Igo Kleden

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