SereS Springs Resort and Spa Singakerta, Ubud Has Received a CHSE Certification

by Igo Kleden

UBUD – SereS Springs Resort and Spa Singakertarecently awarded with a CHSE (Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety and Environmental Sustainability)certification program. Theresortis prepared to welcome guests back to a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for this upcoming holiday travel. The implementation of this strict health protocols in theresortis considered to increase the confidence of tourists whowantsto visit a tourist destination.

“We are committed to provide the guests with more comfortable and safer environment. And we have successfully passed the CHSE audit conducted bythe appointed vendor by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economywith perfect score 100,”said I Nyoman Prabawa, General Manager of SereS Springs Resort and Spa Singakerta.

In order to receive this certificate, the hotel has implemented several new protocols, to ensure a strict hygiene standard are in place. Theassociates aretrained to perform contactless services, social distancing and mask wearing procedures and monitored daily to guarantee 100% health before serving the guests.

In term of Environment Sustainability aspects we are already implementing a green concept such as saving energy campaign by implementing an automatic switch-off of air-conditioning whenever the balcony glass sliding-doors are opened.

A Waste Management system that has been in place by providing a separate garbage compartments to segregate its type of garbage such as plastic, organic, papers, used cooking-oil including Hazardous and Toxic materials.

We work together with vendors to take care of the garbage.As to Sewage Treatment Plan as well as Laundry Waste Treatment Plan, we are using the waste water to maintain our landscape and garden.And we are doing a regular laboratory check in order to monitor its quality of waste water. ***

Editor – Igo Kleden

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