Menparekraf Expects Tourism Grants to Be Run with Good Governance

by Igo Kleden

BALI  – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy / Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, held an audience with the Regional Leadership Council of the Indonesian Recreation Park Business Association (PUTRI) Bali.

The expansion of the Tourism Grants Fund is one of the aspirations conveyed by PUTRI members to be realized as soon as this year. “Today I heard direct input from the DPW PUTRI who hopes that in 2021 there will be an acceleration of vaccinations and an acceleration of the recovery of tourist visits. And God willing, DTW (Tourist Attractions) will also get part of the tourism grant program going forward,” said Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno after conducting an audience with the DPD PUTRI Bali, Friday (12/2/2021) at Secret Garden Village, Bedugul, Bali.

Menparekraf said, the discourse on increasing and expanding tourism grant funds is currently in the discussion stage to enter the PEN 2021 program. However, he reminded that the increase and expansion of tourism grant funds must be followed by good governance.

“Transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness. Because those who need this are our brothers and sisters, communities affected by the pandemic and the economic slowdown,” Sandiaga said. This was said by the Menparekraf in relation to the alleged misappropriation of tourism grant funds in Buleleng Regency. Currently, the Buleleng District Prosecutor’s Office has named eight suspects in the case. “So I want to convey to public servants, my friends in the government sector and all stakeholders, let’s uphold good governance and make sure this tourism grant program is truly felt by our brothers and sisters who need it,” he said. Sandiaga.

He said he would strengthen collaboration with related parties to ensure good governance in various Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf programs going forward, including tourism grant funds. “We are concerned about (the case of misappropriation of tourism grant funds) but we must fight because millions of Balinese people expect the government to come to help. For supervision, we will collaborate with the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission), BPK (Financial Audit Agency) as well as BPKP (Financial Supervisory Agency). and Development) and others. All of us must ensure that there is no misallocation or potential for corruption, “Sandiaga said.

Tourism grant funds through the Ministry of Finance are part of the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program initiated by the government in an effort to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the total budget prepared reaches Rp. 3.3 trillion, whose main objective is to help local governments and the hotel and restaurant industry which are experiencing financial disruption and recovery due to the pandemic. ***

Editor – Igo Kleden

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