Bali Vanilla Dominates the European Market

by Igo Kleden


DENPASAR – Bali is again in the spotlight of the European export market because it is able to provide super quality for its agricultural commodities. After being able to expand its fresh fruit market to the Netherlands, the European market again revealed that its market only accepted vanilla from Bali. Vanilla from Bali now controls the European market.

The head of the Denpasar Quarantine Center, Terunanegara, went directly to the vanilla plantation in Jembrana with an area of ​​about 100 hectares with 110 farmer members to directly observe vanilla production which is centered in the westernmost district in Bali.

Behind his success in maintaining the quality of his vanilla, Made Yudiana, the head of the Bali Yeh Hembang Kauh farmer group, said that he would not pick the vanilla if it was not ripe. “We harvest here with a selective system of pods not bunches, which ones are ripe,” said Yudiana while viewing his vanilla plantation to Tarumanegara, Wednesday (10/2/2021).

The picking of vanilla fruit with a selective pod harvesting system has made Balinese vanilla admired for its quality by the European market, where so far many farmers harvest using the rash / bunch system.

“It takes a lot more time during the harvest period, but it turns out that this crop provides the super quality that foreign markets are looking for, and we can compete at high prices,” he added. Terunanegara revealed facts on the ground that the potential for vanilla in Bali, especially in Jembrana, provides extraordinary prospects for an increase in exports later. This can be seen from the Balinese farmer program “One farmer a thousand vanilla trees”.

The target is one thousand farmers throughout Bali so that they can keep up with the increasing needs of the foreign market. “The one thousand tree farmer program is in line with the gratiex program, namely the same direction towards increasing exports, farmer cooperation and quarantine are very important,” said Terunanegara in front of the vanilla farmers, Apart from increasing production and quality, additional markets are also absolutely necessary.

This is to balance production and distribution so that there is no accumulation of crops which could later drop prices. From the data from the Denpasar quarantine Iqfast, in 2020 vanilla exports from Bali for the USA and European markets reached 30 tons. “Quarantine will find new markets so that farmers remain enthusiastic about producing and know where to market,” added Terunanegara.***

By Axelle D

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