Prokes violators in Badung were dominated by foreigners

by Igo Kleden


DENPASAR – Head of SatPol PP of Badung Regency, Bali, I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara, said that until now, the most violators of Health Protocol in Badung Regency are still dominated by foreigners.

When confirmed on Monday (15/2/2021), Suryanegara admitted that most of the offenders, starting from the beginning of the pandemic, took place until now, in the Badung Regency area, it was still dominated by foreigners.

“That, too, we found officers only at the time of the inspection. The inspection was only carried out at several points and not every day. All Prokes violators were foreigners. Most were in the North Kuta District area such as Brawa Beach, Canggu, Perancak Beach, Petitenget and so on, “he said.

Even then, not all points were disrupted. Because, if not all points, the number of foreigner offenders will be even more. According to him, if it is presented, then more than 90% of Prokes violators in Badung are foreigners.

Meanwhile, local residents did not encounter many difficulties and violations. Then when it was explained and socialized, it was even foreigners who did many reasons and seemed to be against the local people. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total number of foreigners who have been prosecuted and have even paid fines is 493 people. The rest were only punished or sanctioned directly on the spot.

Then and at the first PPKM, the number of people who were prosecuted was paying a fine of 350 people. There are hundreds of others who are only sympathetically reprimanded, social sanctioned at the location, some even wear masks and various other approaches. Meanwhile, when the PPKM Mikro was in effect as it is now the number continues to decline.

“We see, when the village-based Micro PPKM continues to decline. The number that has been fined is only 200 people, the next is only 130 people, and to this day only 23 people. Once again this is the number that has paid fines. This means serious violations, it is explained that they are against. many also violated but it was explained that they were obedient, “he said.

Suryanegara saw that PPKM Mikro was more effective. Each village and sub-district maintains their respective areas in accordance with existing regulations. “We, from the SatPol PP, only back up or thickening personnel whenever there is a vacancy or lack of personnel,” he said.

Village-based security and enforcement of Prokes are more effective. Indeed, there are still many shortcomings here and there, but until now the number of violations has continued to decrease.***

By Axelle D

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