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The Provincial Government Announces a Regional Regulation on the Implementation of Bali Cultural Tourism Standards

DENPASAR – Bali Governor I Wayan Koster officially issues and announces Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 5 of 2020 concerning the Implementation Standards for Balinese Cultural Tourism. Governor Koster said this regional regulation had received direction and blessing from the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding cultural tourism in Bali. “Everyone already knows that Bali has no other resources besides its great culture and tourism. For that we feel the need to issue regulations that are useful to protect cultural tourism so that it is well preserved, well preserved for the future and for the future generations of Balinese children and grandchildren, “he said in Denpasar, Sunday (9/8/2020).

This Perda reinforces and strengthens the implementation commitment
tourism based on Balinese culture that is quality-oriented so that it needs to be arranged comprehensively in accordance with the vision of regional development in the Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali area through the Planning Universe Development Pattern towards a New Era of Bali. Apart from being quality-oriented, tourism in Bali is also oriented towards sustainability and competitiveness, so that a standard of tourism implementation is needed by taking into account the Tri Hita Karana philosophy which is derived from Sad Kerthi’s cultural values ​​and local wisdom.

There is also a standard that the implementation of Balinese cultural tourism includes environmentally friendly, sustainability, balance, siding with local resources, independence, community, togetherness, participatory, transparency, accountability, and benefits, which are held in one area, one island, one pattern, and one governance. Improving the quality of tourism in Bali, including the quality of tourism destinations, the quality of the tourism industry, the quality of tourism marketing, and the quality of tourism institutions, which is carried out through the fulfillment of standards for products, services, infrastructure, security, safety and health and the use of advances in digital technology.

Meanwhile, the same regional regulation regulates the standard scope of the implementation of Balinese cultural tourism which includes tourism destinations, the tourism industry, tourism marketing, tourism institutions, the implementation of Balinese cultural tourism, the implementation of digital Balinese cultural tourism, prevention, disaster management or emergencies, and restoration of Balinese cultural tourism. post-disaster or emergency, guidance and supervision, active community roles, rewards and funding. Tourism destination components include tourist destinations (DTW), tourism villages, accessibility and facilities, public infrastructure, and tourism facilities. DTW and tourism villages include natural, cultural, spiritual, and artificial. Accessibility includes road, river, lake, crossings and sea transportation, road, river, lake, ferry and sea transportation, and road, river, lake, ferry and sea transportation transportation systems.

The new and very important thing that is regulated in this Perda is the implementation of digital Balinese cultural tourism which includes tourism inspiration, tourist arrivals, tourism destinations and activities, post-visit tourist treatment, Bali Tourism One Stop Portal, and digital documentation of Balinese cultural tourism. The Governor of Bali has the authority to form the Bali Tourism One-Stop Portal to integrate all tourism stakeholders consisting of tourism service businesses, government and the community. The One Stop Bali Tourism Portal includes hotel / lodging reservations, electronic tickets (e-ticketing) for tourist destinations, online transportation, the digital market (marketplace) of Bali Tourism, integration of non-cash payments (cashless), and other fields in accordance with the development of the Bali tourism industry. Provisions regarding the Bali Tourism One Stop Portal are regulated in a Governor Regulation.

Every tourism service business in Bali is required to register on the Bali One Stop Tourism Portal which sells its products / services to other parties online and offline. Furthermore, any tourism service business that conducts product sales transactions and / or exchanges information, either directly or indirectly with other service businesses, must go through the Bali Tourism One Stop Portal. Likewise, every other service business can sell Bali Tourism service products by collaborating with the Bali Tourism One Stop Portal.

The One Stop Tourism Portal for Bali is not allowed to sell directly to tourists. Partnerships are built as widely as possible with all stakeholders of Bali Tourism, both individuals and business entities in an open and transparent manner. Further provisions regarding the procedure for registration and partnership are regulated in a Governor Regulation.

Tourist arrivals are also regulated which include electronic membership (e-membership) for Bali Digital Tourism, digital technology for tourist arrival guides, digital technology for the Integrated Tourist Security System, digital hotel reservation services, digital online transportation services and Traditional Villages, digital marketplace (marketplace). Bali tourism, and other digital technology or services for tourist arrivals. Tourist destinations and activities include electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) for destinations and tourist shows, digital technology for guides and exploration of tourist destinations, touch screen presentations for sacred sites and activities, cashless integrated tourism closed ecosystem services with a tax system hotels and restaurants; award-based Tourism Object testimonials, and other digital technologies for tourism destinations and activities. Post-trip tourist treatment, with integrated customer relationship management, includes the Traveler satisfaction index, the Tourist loyalty program, and the Traveler reward system.

The Governor shall determine policies for prevention, disaster management or emergency, and restoration of Balinese Cultural Tourism from the consequences of a disaster or emergency. Policies include programs, actions and protocols for prevention, response and recovery from disasters.

The community can play an active role in the implementation of this Regional Regulation. The active role of the community can be carried out individually and in an organized manner. The governor gives awards to individuals, tourism organizations, and business entities that have outstanding achievements or have contributed greatly in increasing development, pioneering, and service in the field of Balinese cultural tourism. ***

Editor – Igo Kleden